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Let us handle your tax and business accounting needs so that you can focus on growth.

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Comprehensive tax consultation.

Tax laws and regulations can be overwhelming, but with our expert guidance, we’ll help you stay compliant and optimize your tax savings.

About us.

Landa and Associates EA, PA is a leading Tax and Accounting Firm with over 15 years of experience.

Our team of professionals works to keep our clients compliant with regulations and laws, offering personalized and effective solutions for personal and business matters.

We pride ourselves on being an ally and extension of your team, providing a close and tailored approach to your specific needs.

Trust us to save time and prevent errors in your tax and accounting processes.

Our services.

Business consulting.

Expert advice and guidance tailored to your business, promoting growth and success.

Incorporation Process.

Registration of business entities. Federal and State application enrollment.

Corporate structure election.

Assistance in determining the optimal business structure based on your specific tax needs and goals.

Business and individual tax preparation.

Professional tax preparation for businesses and individuals, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Monthly accounting services.

Upkeep your accounting Books: Bank reconciliation, Asset allocation, and Financial report preparation.

Payroll services.

Our team handles payroll processing, ensuring timely and accurate payments to employees.

Sales tax filing.

We assist businesses in preparing and filing sales tax returns, ensuring compliance with state and local regulations.

Why work with us.

At Landa and Associates, your premier Tax and Accounting Firm, we treat your business as our own, acting as a valid extension of your team. Our primary goal is to keep our clients compliant with regulations!

As a top Tax and Accounting Firm, we understand that preparing annual reports, tax filing, and accounting requires time, diligence, and cost. Deadlines and filing requirements vary from State to State, and yearly reminders are becoming less common.

With over 15 years of experience as a trusted Tax and Accounting Firm, let Landa and Associates expertly handle all your Business and Personal Tax and Accounting needs. Save time, reduce the chances of filing mishaps, and enjoy the peace of mind from working with a reliable Tax and Accounting Firm.

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